How To Play Codex

                  This exciting action thriller is yours to play from orbital ships, to fighting of Raptors. Find your way around orbital ship, and rescue the miners and the scientist, and get off the planet. These are the three levels that you will be playing, The Fleet, Dark jungle, and Escape.

                 This is my first paragraph on my first level.  This will be about the sprites, and my objectives of the first level. All the sprites in the first level are crew members of the ship. There is no enemies and nothing really challenging. The first levels goal is just for you to look around the ship and go in thje different areas. Such as the engine room, the artillary deck, and cafeteria. Your goal is to collect some of the energy couplings and bring them back to the artillary deck. Then your obgective is to board the Augustus and drop in to the planet below.

                 This is my second paragraph on my second level. This will include the sprites and goals of this level. The first goal is to land on the planet and find your other teamates. Then you have to clear the Raptors out of the area. Next you have to find the compound. Once you reach the compound you have to rescue the scientist. He tells you that he wants to stay and finish his work so three soliders stay with him for protection. That is my secod paragraph on my second level of my game Codex.

                This is my third paragraph on my third level of the game Codex. This will include the sprites and goals of this level. The first goal is to make sure you have protection for the scientist. The second goal is to find the miners and bring them to saftey with your squad. Then you bring them onboard the augustus and bring them back to the sick bay. Then make sure the scientist gets to the ship with his escort. And speak to the caiptain about your rescue. That is my third paragraph on my third level o the game Codex.

               This exciting thriller guide has come to an end. Those are your obgectives of the game and the sprites and goals. And The guide for the levels, the fleet, dark jungle, and escape. That is my guide for the game Codex and the goals and levels for that game.

                                                                       GO PLAY MY GAME


The Top Ten of 2012

1. The first event is Hurricane Sandy: The reason why Hurricane Sandy is the first event is because it was really big. This storm caused a lot of damage and caused many people to take action. Many states had small organizations go out and help the states that got hit hard the most such as, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, and other states. The Hurricane affected everyone, even if they wern’t in those states that got hit. Many people were sad and devastated by the destruction, especially New York, and New Jersey. This made the news and many headlines. The people that later found out this on the headlines were devastated.

2. The second event is the Connecticut school shooting:

3. The third event is the summer Olympics: The reason why the Summer Olympics is at number three is because this only happens every 4 years.The summer Olympics is a really big thing, across the world, especially in the United states. This makes a lot of publicity, and NBC shows just about every event that airs. The Summer Olympics also brings a crazy amount of people into the place that there hosting. This also causes a spectacular play or musical to start and end the Olympics. The Olympics is also a great time were all the countries finally come together in peace. They also just come to have a great time in general. The Olympi is something I just like to watch in general. That is the reason why I chose the Olympics.

4. The fourth event is the Colorado movie shooting:

5. The fifth event is Re-election of Barrack Obama: This is the Reason why the realection of Obama is at number five. The reelection for Obama was a shocker to all ( sort of). Obama had a lot of votes for him, which was surprising for me because of all the criticism he gets. I would vote for Romney if I could, he also got voted person of the year in TIME magazine. He also spent the most american dollars by any president, if you ask me thats pretty bad. He aslo has made a lot of people go agaisnt him which surprises me that he got voted again. That is why Obama is at number 5.

6.The sixth event is the Superbowl: Here is the reason why I have the Superbowl as my sixth event on the top ten list. I myself am a Ravens fan, but when it comes to the Super bowl I’ll watch anyone. I love watching different teams play besides the Ravens. The next reason is because of the commercials. I think the commercials are great and funny. The final reason is because I like to see somone who hasn’t won a lot of superbowls win ( Ravens). The Ravens have only won one superbowl but have made it to the playoffs five years in a row. That is why I have the Superbowl at number six.

7. The seventh event is the release is the Release of Black Ops 2. Here is the reason why Black Ops 2 is at number seven. The first reason is because I love video games( right next to football). I love playing Black Ops, Halo, Mass Effect, the works. The second reason is that I lve action games. The action games have a lot of detail. The final reason is I like the Black Ops series in general. It has a great story to it. That is why Black Ops 2 is at number seven.

8. The eighth event is the release of Halo 4

9. The ninth event is the movie release The Hobbit

10. The final and tenth event is the Relase of the Avengers.

The Adventures of Magma Chrome.

“I am Magma Chrome, fear me!” He shot two fireballs from his hand and blew up into a nearby building. The fireballs continued shooting from his hand burning and melting anything in it’s path, A stray fireball streaked of it’s path and blew into a BP gas station, the fire ball blew straight up in the sky blowing cars and gas pumps flying off the ground. He looked into the sky as the fiery explosion reminded him of his fiery past working for the science company FF or Fire Fox, he had always admired the company, but ever since he bought the company things have changed. He was interrupted by a voice” Freeze.” He turned around and saw a young rookie cop looking at him with his scared eyes, he was shaking and the pistol in his grip was quivering and not very steady. ” I suggest you do not shoot  youngster.” The man still stood there looking at him with his pistol. ” Sir, stand down I have no intentions to shoot.”The young man said shakily,”Go rite ahead, because I don’t think I’m going to stand down to cop like you.” The man’s finger was on the trigger,he fired, the bullet went straight for Magma Chrome, “Plasma Shield!” A blue shield displayed in front of Magma Chrome covering his whole body, the bullet repelled of of the shield and struck the young cop’s leg. “He screamed in agony as he fell to the ground clutching his leg. ” I’ll spare your life this time but if it happens again you won’t so lucky.” Magma Chrome flew off to his mansion in the nearby. He took off his suit and his armor and went to the kitchen and got a coffee mug and sat in his La Z Boy lounge chair, kicked up the foot stand, and stared at the fire, the fire crackled and popped. The fiery flames reminded him of his past yet once again, About him once working at Fire Fox and how he once was the top scientists.” DR.Hassell, your job is to study volcano eruptions in Hawaii, we want you to get samples of magma and coal.” I’ll do my best chief.” he said as he got into the chopper with the symbol of a fox head on fire headed for Hawaii. 2 hours later….. ” Well look here, looks like we got some magma rock.” shhhhrrrr. “What was that.” he thought he saw Magma spew out of the volcano, “Oh.” it was to late, the magma from the volcano enfiladed him and his magma suit burned as he reached out of the magma and grabbed a rock and puled himself out. He looked at himself, his skin was burned, half his face burned, ” the’ll pay for this.” The flashback faded as Daniel took a sip of his coffee. Another flashback came, it was when he was in court suing the company for 75% of their percent, he won, and bought the company, and decided to be a villain from there on. Why? He didn’t know, he thought he just needed a way to get the pain out ever since the incident. He shook the memory and went to his bookshelf, twisted the red book, hit the blue book, and pulled out the green book. The bookshelf opened and revealed his armory and his suits,and armor. He stared at his armor and helmets, yet another flashback occurred, when he designed his armor and how he got his powers. He first realized he could shoot fire from his hands when he fell in the magma, his hand was glowing a red orange, he figured it out when he was holding the magma rock, it melted in his skin allowing him to harness fire, the solar panel that was in his hand hardened into a shield that is unbreakable, and the same magma rock allowed him to fly. He knew something was different about that rock. After his powers he figured he could make armor and suits since he was the owner of a million dollar company, plus he was going to be a villain anyway.he built his suit out of the same indestructible magma his shield was made out of. He had also created artificial flames around his suit to strike fear in his enemies. He made his armors in front out of chrome and used his suits for backup. He also remembered his first attempt as a villain, he only blew up two buildings and almost got caught by the law, now he was a veteran in the villain society. He stopped remembering and walked into his armory,” Computer equip me with cyclone suit and demolitions weapons and alpha armor.” He walked out his armor and flew out the door. He landed on the Dinoville monument and stared down at the sun over the town and saw the fire still burning from the BP gas station, he saw a figure saving people from the fire, he jumped down, the figure stared back at him. ” Now it’s time to take out the trash.”                                                                To Be Continued.


Top Five Worst Songs Ever

The top five worst songs ever.

Song 5#. Lover, Lover: (Jerrod Niemann). The reason why I don’t like this song is because all the guy says the whole time is lover lover you don’t treat me no good no more. The lyrics arn’t very nice either, so I dislike this song very much.

Song 4#. Another One Bites the Dust:(Queen). I dislike this song because of it’s tune and  rhythm. I just don’t find the reson why he sang this song, otherwise, what does it mean. I’m also not a big Queen fan, I only like a few of thier songs.

Song 3#. So Close: (Police). I hate Police because of the way they sing, for some reason I just dislike the way they sing. I also don’t like this song because of it’s tune, I also don’t like Police in general, they don’t sing very well.

Song 2#. Roxane: (Police). Another song by Police that I dislike, the reason why I don’t like this one is because half the song he yells Roxane. I also don’t like this song because it dosn’t really have a meaning to it, if you listen to the lyrics it’s just plain weird!

Song 1#. Whisky Hangover:(Godsmack). I dislike this song very much because of the lyrics, the lyrics are very horrible. I also dislike the other songs they make, they all sound the same with the same horrible lyrics.

Top Five of Americas Natural Wonders

1. The Grand Canyon: The Grand Canyon is a spectacular place to go to.Its natural beauty and the great view attracts thousands of people each year. The reason why I chose this as number one is because of its great beauty and nature, it just goes to show you how nature can be so awesome.

2. Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls is a great place to visit, the area next to the falls gives you a great view of the falls. The reason why this came in second is because the multiple falls that run into each other make a great sight.

3. Old Faithful: Old Faithful is located in Yellow Stone National Park, it is supposed to burst every 20-30 minutes. The reason why I chose this is as number 3 is because it is a spectacular sight to see as the sparkling waters shoot up in the air.

4. Appalachian Mountains: its not just one great natural wonder, its a lot of them combined,the great trails show the great nature of the east side of the country. the reason why this comes in 4th is because it displays so much beauty but is a very long trail very very very very long.

5. Red Wood Forest: This great and probably the most natural wonder is this forest. the trees are so big you can drive through them. The reason why this is number five is because it is so great  and so awesome to see, but it lacks other displays.

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School Improvement Committee

The first thing I think should be done is healthier lunches. The reason why I say this is because I see kids by ice cream by the pound each day! I also hate having to eat burgers twice a week, the same goes for chicken, But I like chicken. I am glad to know that the school is trying to make the lunches healthier. Though the students have to have a fruit or vegetable I still see students throw that away. I still have yet to see students eat healthier.

The second thing I have to say about the school is that  we need bigger and better lockers. The locker I have dosn’t have a working top hatch, it is also  way to small. When I try fitting my things in there,it takes about 3 min to get them out which makes me barely makes me late for my classes. I have not liked these lockers. I also know about 4 other people that have the same problem.

The third and final problem I have is longer time in between periods. After I come up from lunch I’m about 20 seconds away from being late. The locker problem adds on to this too, longer time means longer time getting our things out of our lockers. It would also be better because students would have more time to get settled in and get their things out. This would really benefit to many things.



























My Bucket List

1. Go to Yellow Stone National Park:The reason why is because I have always have heard great things about it and i’ve always wanted to see the great natural beauty of North America.

2. The Grand Canyon: I’ve always seen pictures of this natural formation. It has always fascinated me with how cool it looks.

3. Outer Banks North Carolina: I have a lot of family down in North Carolina, and i’ve always wanted to see what its like down there.

4. Deep Sea Fishing: I’ve gone regular fishing, but I havn’t gone Deep Sea Fishing I Hear its pretty hard though.

5. Climb MT.Everest: Its very challenging but it would be a cool thing to accomplish.

6. Northern Lights: The Northern Lights have always have fascinated me with the spectacular light show.

7. Skydiving: I love the high heights and fast speeds so I would love to do this.

8. Diving in the Coral Reef:I’ve seen awesome pictures of this wonder.I would love to dive in the pure blue water and see all the exotic fish.

9. Leaning Tower of Piza: One of the only leaning structures in the world, I would love to see how a building is standing like that.

10. Hike the whole Appalachian Trail:I would love to do this because it would be a great accomplishment for me, and I would get to see a lot off wildlife.                                                         

Pictures for 7,5,8,6,and 1 are shown below.